Tomb Raider II Social Polls

Just like last month, we polled fans their favorite levels, outfits, and weapons for the second game in the franchise. At the end of the year, we'll have a showdown in December for all-time franchise favorites based on the results. When there are more than four options available (the Twitter poll limit) we ask our Official Fansite Program to narrow down the selection for us by voting on their own favorites.

Tomb Raider II brought some new looks to Lara's ensemble including the iconic Bomber Jacket and Sola Wetsuit! We also saw a completely different itinerary from the game's predecessor. With beautiful locations like the Great Wall and the streets of Venice, fans had some tougher choices this time around.

We can't wait to see what fans choose as we forward in the franchise, because the options will continue to expand greatly! What were some of your favorites? Be sure to share with us on social! 

Here were the three polls we put out for Tomb Raider II!

The votes are in! Check out the fan favorites below:

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